Twitter Account Update!

This update is a quick plug to announce that in an effort to create more interaction through my blog (as well as expand my digital footprint) I have created a Twitter account!

I realize that since I post content once a week on here, there is only so much engagement that can be had and though I really appreciate everyone who follows my blog or likes a post, I would love to communicate with all of you more!

So with that in mind I will be posting quotes, sharing tweets from authors and other literature related accounts, and starting a little something I like to call #foodpunfriday, which will begin tomorrow.

We also passed 75 followers on the blog yesterday so a huge THANK YOU  (yeah, bold, italics, underlined AND all caps) again for reading my words and I’ll see you in (on?) the twitter-verse!

Twitter selfie.jpg
I’m not good at selfies. Also, I don’t only have three fingers on my hand…this didn’t go as well as I thought it would.

Here’s the link for those who can’t read my abhorrent handwriting:



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