An Impromptu Blog: Net Neutrality is in Danger

Ajit Pai.jpg
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

I don’t believe enough people are aware of or understand what Net Neutrality is, or how it is best for the consumer. It is currently under attack by the FCC’s new chairman who wants to dismantle the regulations that keep ISP’s in check, and keep a level playing field for consumers who may not have a choice in what providers they have due to where they live.

He says that the market will correct itself if internet throttling is allowed, but how can a consumer choose an alternative when there is none? The large ISP’s will benefit, but small businesses and websites will be crushed with little opportunity in a world that allows throttling and slow lanes based on what internet provider you are forced to use.

The FCC has taken the first formal step toward throwing the consumer to the wayside; now is the time to let those you voted for, the people who are supposed to have your best interests at heart, know that this is not what we want.

For an idea about why net neutrality is important, read this.

If you care about net neutrality, sign these petitions: White House,

After that, give your representative a call.

Do not remain idle and believe that someone else will fix this for you; as bloggers, this is especially relevant and something we should all be aware of. Please take the time to educate yourself and do what is necessary to save Net Neutrality.


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7 thoughts on “An Impromptu Blog: Net Neutrality is in Danger

  1. Okay, I understand why link to the White House site for the petition, but there should be a better petition. That takes it only to the White House instead of to the forum where it needs to be heard now, the FCC. So, is there another petition in existence that would allow that? Instead of delaying a response from the White House for two months?

    Here is a petition that is going straight to the commission.

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