Music Monday: He Is Legend – Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Band Info:
He Is Legend is a southern rock band from Wilmington, North Carolina. Formed by original members Schuylar Croom (singer), Adam Tanbouz (guitarist), and Matt Williams (bassist), the band has had multiple lineup changes while maintaining a uniquely heavy yet dynamic sound. First coming to prominence in the post-hardcore scene after the release of their debut in 2004, I Am Hollywood, the band would release three more albums before their 2017 album few. This album was crowd-funded by fans in 2015 and released after much anticipation since the band is not signed to a label after having been treated badly by their former representation. Though considered a relatively underground band, He Is Legend has cultivated a strong fan following and is cited as an influence for many of their contemporaries.

Band Photo.jpg
He Is Legend circa 2014

The Story and the Songs:
In addition to the China White series spanning all of the band’s albums, the lyrical content of He Is Legend’s work is heavily marked by storytelling. Many of their songs act like short stories in their lyrics and the music works as an accompaniment rather than being two separate parts of a whole. Suck Out the Poison’s track, “The Widow of Magnolia,” tells the story of a woman standing on a widow’s peak (not the forehead kind) waiting for her husband to come home. The lyrics move back and forth between her and her lover with bombastic percussion and chugging guitar in the background. “Dicephalous,” the first track off of 2009’s It Hates You, tells the story of a detective trying to nab an art thief among more heavy instrumentation. “Air Raid,” from band’s latest release, tells the story of the progressive destruction of the Earth by man as each verse and chorus changes from before, during, and after the desolation wrought upon the world. Fairy tales also hold a large influence in He Is Legend’s lyrics. Two songs from Suck Out the Poison  stand out; “The Walls Have Teeth” and “Serpent Sickness” both contain verses which reference the Big Bad Wolf and the three little pigs.

Magic is another common subject among the band’s discography. “Attack of the Dungeon Witch,” a single from Suck Out the Poison, tells the story of a witch hunter and the album’s final track, “(((louds,” references a plethora of superstitions. Black cats, shattered mirrors, and allusions to Snow White all take place within the song. The last song off of It Hates You, “Mean Shadows,” references hocus pocus and alludes to taking drugs for a spiritual/ethereal trip.  “Something, Something, Something Witchy,” a single from 2014’s Heavy Fruit, once again casts a witch as the subject of the song and “Abracadabra” is full of obvious references to magic.

The consistency in these themes comes from vocalist Schuylar Croom acting as the primary lyricist and, as such, many of his interests fall into the words and stories in the songs. This allows the band and their albums to have a consistent lyrical tone and technique that flows through each record to better connect the written and musical ideas.

Please enjoy some song recommendations, a song from the album, and check out the band’s social media accounts below!

Song recommendations: “Dicephalous” , “Attack of the Dungeon Witch” , “Something, Something, Something Witchy” , “Air Raid”

Heavy Fruit Vinyl.JPG
My double vinyl copy of Heavy Fruit; released in 2014.

Social Media:
Band Website

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