Music Monday: “Halloween” by Mastodon


Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared.

Song: “Halloween”
Artist: Mastodon
Album: Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014)

Lyrics taken from

(Brent Hinds)
Orange and black take me back to Halloween
I’ve given to the blind, can’t you see?
Gasoline runs through my veins, so don’t you mess with me
I couldn’t tame that beast with a handful of meat

Just wait ‘til that robe falls at my feed
Cold and dilated like my memories
Strange voices in my head, who could they be
It’s the master of disguise and he’s breaking me

(Brann Dailor)
You will find spirits never rise
Without warning
Feel your fate as you come alive
They’re here to take you home

(Brent Hinds)
Crashing through the walls
You’re the one I want to see
Bent all up on a moon-soaked night
Death is riding with me
Dripping blood with hell froze at my feed
Use a razor blade to cut some lines
Because now I’m going to speed

(Brann Dailor)
You will find spirits never rise
Without warning
Feel your fate as you come alive
They’re here to take you

“Halloween”, by Mastodon, is a pretty straight forward prog rock-song with enticing riffs and a pulsing pace.  Every instrument in the band is showcased beneath the vocals of guitarist Brent Hinds, whose voice beings a unique twang, and drummer Brann Dailor’s beautiful voice bringing a complementary contrast. Carried on by Bill Kelliher’s rhythmic guitar riffs, “Halloween” features one of the most impressive guitar solos by Hinds, who is a master of hybrid picking and putting soul into his playing even when it is at blistering speeds. Once More ‘Round the Sun features nightmarish, psychedelic artwork by the artist Skinner that is evocative of the monsters found on Halloween, making the the holiday an appropriate title for the album’s penultimate track. Though “Monster Mash”, “Ghostbusters”, and “Thriller” are likely to be well circulated this Hallow’s Eve, Mastodon’s ode to orange and black is a welcome addition to any spooky playlist.

My double vinyl copy of Once More ‘Round the Sun; repressed in 2015.

If you enjoyed this song, please feel free to check out the artist’s social media accounts below!

Band Links:

The image used in this post can be found through the hyperlink below.

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