Music Monday: Clone – Clone

Album: Clone by Clone

Album Cover

Released: October 28th, 2014

Band Info:
Clone is the combination of two Jacksonville musicians, Ben Cooper (Radical Face, Electric President) and Rick Colado (Rickolus), coming together to create a concept album that spans genres. Both musicians worked on the album for over two years before finally releasing it on their own in 2014.


**Spoiler Warning – Story Details Ahead**

The Story and the Songs:
Clone follows the life of Subject 006; one of many clones who becomes conscious and walks into the world in search of meaning. The story begins with “Act One: The Laboratory”, which describes what Subject 006 sees after he awakes and finds his way out of the lab. The musical genres vary in the song from the ambling gait of beeps and percussion at the beginning before upbeat snare and acoustic guitar strums herald the other clones awaking before Subject 006 runs out of the lab. After the excitement of the escape, “Act Two: The Fields” comes in with questions of the wider world as Subject 006 sees a new spectrum of color and possibility. A syncopated beat comes in after snare hits and a quiet interlude where Subject 006 sees a baptism taking place in a nearby body of water and hears a preacher address his congregation. The clone makes his way into the city which begins with a charming melody played on a xylophone in “Act Three: The City, Daytime”. Subject 006 sees all of these people moving, doing their jobs, and believes he has found somewhere that can give him purpose. As the people around him hustle and bustle, it begins to rain and he seeks shelter offered by a seemingly beneficent citizen.

As Subject 006 is let out of the rain, we hear him interact with his “rescuer” in “Act Four: The City, Nighttime, Pt. 1”. Only one part of the conversation can be heard as the music becomes more and more malevolent; the clone has found himself in trouble as his captor’s malevolence manifests in electric guitar, crashing cymbals, and a sharp shift in tone. In the following track, “Act Five: The City, Nighttime, Pt. 2”, Subject 006 is awoken by a fellow denizen and shown the way out in order to escape. The music is softer and comforting, much like the person helping out the clone, and he make his escape into the city as the music becomes more pulsing. It is then that he meets some of his fellow clones who begin to show their disdain for the earlier preference shown to him by their creator, and beat one of their fellows to death when he suggests that they are all the same. Subject 006 escapes his “brothers” and boards a train to take him to “Act Six: The Ocean”. The opening melody from “Act Three: The City, Daytime” features heavily as the last song brings our protagonist toward the possibilities inherent in the sea. He is full of hope and wonder, knowing more about the world after his trials and looks toward a sunset to bring another day.

Clone is a truly singular project of collaboration between two inspiring artists. The story is fairly straightforward, but the amount of variety used in these songs in order to convey the right emotional tones is impressive. Some of the lyrics might not be the best ever written, but the overall effect is one of unity and a story well-told. I found out about this as a fan of Radical Face and immediately jumped at the chance for more music from one of my favorite artists. The project was released on a laser engraved, crystal thumb drive that lights up when plugged in and includes all six songs, .wav file STEMs of the songs for remixing, and a transcript of the lyrics and story; these were limited to 250 total.

Please enjoy some song recommendations, a song from the album, and check out the band’s social media accounts below!

Song recommendations: “Act One: The Laboratory” , “Act Five: The City, Nighttime, Pt. 2” , “Act Six: The Ocean”


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Transcript Screen Cap
A screen shot of the transcript that came with the USB release.

Social Media:

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Album Cover
Ben Cooper
Rick Colado

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