Music Monday: “Flight” by Casualties of Cool


Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared.

Song: “Flight”
Artist: Casualties of Cool
Album: Casualties of Cool (2014)

Lyrics taken from

And so it goes
The window left open
I find myself drawn
To the evening

Oh, throw me out
I’m already leaving
Oh, float me down
To my reaping

Paint the streets red
With my decision
Feed the pigeons
With my collision

I am beyond all this
I wash my hands of it
This is my request
Wish me the best

This is my request
Wish me the best

Now I fall
Now I call
I’m colder

How much I miss you
How bad I miss you

Casualties of Cool is a side project, created by Canadian artists Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval, that combines atmospheric music with a country twang to create something truly unique. The lyrics of “Flight” describe someone’s contemplation of ending it all by jumping out of a window; Dorval wrote the lyrics and takes the lead vocals, while Townsend handles the bulk of the arrangements and instruments. A pulsing kick drum comes in to reinforce the guitar’s tempo while additional percussion and synthesizers contribute to the song’s atmosphere. Both Townsend and Dorval make use of reverb and echo in their vocals, which cause a haunting feeling despite the song’s rolling pace. In addition to its more overt theme, there is a sense of loss that permeates throughout, whether it be of innocence, a loved one, the past, or life itself.

If you enjoyed this song, please feel free to check out the artist’s social media accounts below!

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6 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Flight” by Casualties of Cool

  1. andrewmfriday

    Eric, I am not familiar with most of the artists you blog about, but just to let you know, I search for them on Spotify and check them out while at work. Thanks for sharing.

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