A storm cloud lumbers over those
Thunderheads gather in ominous clumps;
the lack of information, or
too much at once,
can cripple all the same.

Selfishness exacerbates;
hoarding in misled preservation,
shortages that people tried to avoid are
instead caused by their own actions.
Medical and health professionals, fighting on the front lines,
are left vulnerable by the very
patients they protect.

But one day this storm will break, and
we will reflect,
hoping we learned something to
improve our response when
this happens again.
If we don’t, that is something
far more worthy of fear
than any virus.

by Erik Shinker


For more information on how to help stop the spread, please visit the links below:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization

11 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Thanks for your poem! Something that I find interesting is the items still left on shelves. Hmmm. Why are those left? A less popular item? The store had more of those in stock? Or what? In a depleted meat section, I was pleased to find full stock of the chicken I buy from a humane certified chicken farm. It costs more. I guess people went for the less expensive, but I was glad it was left for me. Thanks for the links too.

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