Music Monday: “Indentions” by Manchester Orchestra


Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared.

Song: “Indentions”
Artist: Manchester Orchestra
Album: Hope (2014)

Lyrics taken from and edited by me

“God is all of the time”
Read Fox Wood Baptist’s sign tonight
Some local kid lit a fire
They burned down everything inside

I won’t leave indentions of me, me

God ain’t watching tonight
So choose whichever side you like
All the progress we made
Won’t end up meaning anything

I won’t leave indentions of me
I won’t leave intentionally

“It used to matter to me”, I tell your friends repeatedly
What a nightmare it seemed to honestly think anything

I won’t leave indentions of me
I won’t leave intentionally

A re-imagining of the song of the same name from Manchester Orchestra’s 2013 album, Cope, “Indentions” takes the originally rock-oriented song and puts it in a different musical and tonal context. Like many of the songs on the album Hope, “Indentions” focuses heavily on Andy Hull’s layered vocal harmonies, but adds piano, synthesizers, and midi instruments to cement the song’s atmosphere. The lyrics are also slightly different from those on Cope, changing not only the sound, but the meaning the song conveys. This is one of the more uplifting tunes from the album, and stands out due to its lack of acoustic guitar and focus on layered instrumentation.

My vinyl copy of Hope; released in 2014.

If you enjoyed this song, please feel free to check out the artist’s social media accounts below!

Band Links:

The image used in this post can be found through the hyperlink below.


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