REBLOG: Fantasy Escapism

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The arduous journey, the brave quest, the never-ending battle between the forces of good and evil, the “chosen hero” who against all odds rises above mediocraty and poverty to a place of acclaim and heroism – these are some of the most common clichés in fantasy, and I will not even try to say they are anything but clichés. However they also explore fantasy’s greatest contribution.

They explore the theme of escapism….

Fantasy, in its most basic definition is a genre of fiction set in a speculative fictional universe that differs from reality. Often these are based upon true world myth, religion and folklore. The various mediums range from film, novels, television, art, music, games and more and all provide the consumer with something different to their everyday reality.

Today we are able to enjoy the such a plethora of fantasy mediums that we are honestly spoilt for choice. From…

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