REBLOG: Let’s Talk Disability

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Let me preface this post by saying that what I have written is based on what I have been thinking and feeling. I have been listening, researching, and reflecting from others who either have disabilities or from other parents who have children with disabilities. I am bringing this topic up because I think it is one that needs to be discussed more frequently so that it is not looked upon with negative connotations.

So the word I want to discuss today is “disability.” I will admit, this word has been a difficult one for me to accept when it comes to Rhett. In my mind, he can do absolutely anything he wants to do, which is true. The way he accomplishes things may look different than what others do, but he can still reach any goal he wishes. The word disability has become sort of taboo, which is what needs…

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One thought on “REBLOG: Let’s Talk Disability

  1. I was reminded of a story about my son as a toddler. We were on the bus, when a man climbed aboard in a wheelchair.
    “Mummy, mummy look at that man.”
    I then tried unsuccessfully to hide.
    My son had then continued. “Mummy look at that man. He has spiky hair.”
    No mention of the wheelchair whatsoever.
    Would that we were all like that.

    I should add that I have often worked with disabled children. They have taught me so much.


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