REBLOG: Such a Fun Age (Book Review)

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Hey y’all, so Such a Fun Age was the book club pick for The Reading Rush and I ended up loving it. If you want to learn more about some controversy surrounding The Reading Rush and how it negatively affected the Black reading community, I’d highly recommend checking out this video.

Such a Fun Age is also the Unfriendly Black Hotties book club pick for August. They’ll be having a live show at the end of the month to discuss it. I’m really looking forward to that live show because I really want to dissect this story with other readers and I think it will bring forth some great discussions.

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One thought on “REBLOG: Such a Fun Age (Book Review)

  1. Wow I have just had great fun investigating the book. I have seen the author (who is amazing) discussing her book on You Tube. It is so relevant today isn’t it? One of my dear friends is half Jamaican. She once spoke of the shocked looks she had received when she had first visited her mother’s classroom. Her mother is white. Nobody had expected her mother to have a “black” (technically mixed race) daughter.

    I believe I may have experienced a similar phenomenon. People here have had the idea, they are rescuing my youngsters for years. My youngsters and I have often laughed about it together. I am from a different culture and I tend to have a more formal parenting style, so people have always waded in with attitudes and interference, thinking they are “rescuing,”them. Fortunately I had one good friend, who was also pretty strict who supported me.


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