A Reflection

I repeat the words through habit like
a childhood prayer that no longer holds meaning;
words spoken for the simple
feel between lips; indoctrinated
into the idea of partnership.

I am lacking;
I must couple.
But what if I am unable to adapt and
it hurts not only me, but her most of all?
But for all my appearance of empathy,
it’s really a reflection of me.

by Erik Shinker

5 thoughts on “A Reflection

  1. Eric I made the decision to go for it. Ok it didn’t work out and I still have many days where I wish I had never laid eyes on him but I have many more days when I recognise that I had needed the knowledge I gained, even though it nearly cost me everything. Yes it is very possible that somebody will end up heartbroken. I realised that when I took a chance on love. I had no idea, he would do such a number on me and yes I have been having one of my angry weeks but deep-down, I will probably realise one day, that it was all worth it. Love is tough on people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. I probably shouldn’t say this but I have a poet in the family too. The lovely girl next door clearly likes him but will he invite her for a coffee. No. Sometimes even poets have to be practical.


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