Indefinite Hiatus

Well, this has been in the back of my mind for some time and the introduction of the obnoxious Block Editor on WordPress has been the final deciding factor for the blog.

As of today, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from blogging.

I have pondered taking this action in the past, but continued on despite my misgivings. There is a silver lining in that I will be able to submit the poetry I write to actual publications, which I was often unable to do after posting them on my blog due to many of the publications’ submission requirements.

I want to take this opportunity to thank any and every person who has liked, viewed, or commented on my content; whether it was from the original book reviews, movie reviews, editorials, Music Mondays, or the more personal posts, please know that I would not have been able to grow as a writer without your patronage and I will be forever grateful.

I have been able to learn so much through this journey, and believe now is an appropriate time to move on to something new and exciting.

I remain,

Erik Shinker
Perpetually Past Due

72 thoughts on “Indefinite Hiatus

  1. I wish you all the best as you shift into submitting your poetry for publication. I have two blogs, and I’m going to give up one of them because my heart’s not in it anymore. (And I also don’t have the time to maintain two.)

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  2. I relate. The block editor is a nightmare. But, fyi, you can still use wordpress completely the old way. Just go in through your WP Admin. Click posts, then add new – and it is the old way for a new post. I have been doing this for a while, because just the minor changes they started with about 1 year ago were too much for me! I could not even adapt to those little things. Let alone this annoying block editor!!!!!

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    1. Thanks for the information, Laura. I think my blog has served the purpose I set out with initially which was to build a living portfolio until I could establish myself with professional experience. Now that I have, this became less and less of a priority; I think this is an opportune time to stop before I began to resent blogging. It is a hiatus because I don’t want to cut off the possibility of my return, but I have other endeavors I would rather pursue.

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  3. Angela

    Having only just recently discovered you I am especially sad to hear this! However, I hope you will be successful and happy with your next steps. I agree the block editor is quite annoying, although I’m slooooowwwwly getting (kind of) used to it. I think?
    Good luck with all of your future endeavors!

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  4. Tom

    It goes both way too — thank YOU for taking the time to read and leave likes on my site. I’ve only been following you for a couple weeks at this point, but it’s always bittersweet seeing blogs come to an end. Best of luck going forward.

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      1. Tom

        I certainly have. Since starting mine in 2011 I have found so many cool places to go and people I’ve met. It’s been the reason I’ve kept going. I’m struggling these days to keep the motivation high, so I 100% understand when people are done with it. It takes quite a level of commitment.

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  5. Sorry to lose you from WP, Erik! It’s been great reading your blog – the reviews and later your poems. I feel like they gave me a window into who you are, and I enjoyed the connection. I wish you all the best and hope to read your own published collection of poetry in the future!

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  6. I’m sad to hear this, but I understand your reasons (and I agree with your opinion on the new block editor). I’ve really enjoyed following your blog for the past year or two and I will miss your posts. Thank you so much for your support and interactions with my blog as well – it’s been greatly appreciated. All the best in your new endeavors with writing and publishing!

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  7. We will miss you but hope that you move on to better things. If you have a moment, we would like to know all the wonderful things that you too. I’ll miss your poetry. Here is to bigger things!

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  8. I was trying to write I still find the block editor frustrating most of the time but I am getting used to it. It must have been a difficult decision. I have nearly taken my blog down a few times but it has become like an old friend and I cherish my connection with all of you. I love your passion. Please let us know when you make that special connection you are seeking. Life is often tough for poets. I used to write poetry too but somehow I have lost my desire to express myself that way.
    Wishing you every success in your new ventures. Thank you so much for your support through these difficult times.

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  9. There have been a lot of bloggers leaving, lately. I don’t know everyone’s specific reasons but, there’s been a recent wave. The block editor has been a huge point of contention. I’ve gone round & round with the “happiness engineers” (what an oxymoron) and these folks don’t care that most of us don’t like it. They have been slowly taking functions away from the classic editor. I’m hanging on by my fingernails.

    I understand taking a break. I’ve taken several. Sometimes, you need a change in direction. Good luck, sweetie.

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  10. I only just saw this now. Completely understand your decision to do so and was feeling sort of the same way in the past few months too.
    Before I saw this, I tagged you in a challenge to journal about what happens over the first ”12 Days of Christmas” just as a cool writing prompt. However please feel no pressure if you’re on hiatus, it was just a friendly offer. I honestly don’t know if I’ll end up completing a journal for all 12 days myself but I at least tagged you because you’re a great writer!
    Enjoy your hiatus and the upcoming holidays!

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