I am not interested in
your medals, accomplishments, or
what you have already done;
your losses,
failures, and
other negative
synonyms mean

I do not care about
where you have
come from, what you
overcame, or
the forces once
arrayed against you.

Your certificates,
degrees, ribbons and
accolades tell me
nothing about what
you will do; only what
has already been done.

Experiences, professional and
personal, internships and
scholarships to put you
a little further ahead.

Based in skill,
biased in the search;
what makes you stand

by Erik Shinker



Show only what elevates and
discard the real.

Tell others how to live, but
call it “leading by example”.
Coach a life,
whatever that means.

Be the envy;
picturesque products of our
wants and desire.

Hide the snot, and
shit, and
refuse of
who you are;
spew the aesthetic
you would have others

Sell yourself, and a
life; if only there was a
Devil to take your soul, but
even he would balk
at your narcissism.

by Erik Shinker


As I lie and listen to
a song that once had
such specific meaning,
I regress.

The decisions I have made,
and those made for me.
The twisting, churning waves of
my life.

The roll of the die, clichés
coming to mind, and
possibilities pushed away by
inaction as much as
any action taken.

Infatuations that
fell short of
Relationships crushed,
rationalized away.
So I continue waiting for
my “perfect partner”
to come along.
But is someone waiting
for me?

by Erik Shinker

Mouth Feel (Read Aloud)

Crinkle cut carbuncle nectar drops;
trapping, in sapping amber,
an echo collated to completion.

Words dripped down around
distinct intersecting steeples;
cascading scales of crackling cackles could
wonder and wither away.

Carmine curiosities squeeze in
tandem toward narrow awnings; yearning
after some semblance of reality.

Blithe, babbling
tulips rustled up simply
for the sake of
sound and feel.

by Erik Shinker

Music Monday: “Bad Things to Such Good People” by Manchester Orchestra & Julien Baker


Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared.

Song: “Bad Things to Such Good People”
Artist: Manchester Orchestra & Julien Baker
Album: Bad Things to Such Good People – Single (2018)

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