REBLOG: Let Me Introduce Myself

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The name is Shellynne. It literally sounds the way it is spelled. Shel – lin. It is two syllables and there is no A. The number of ways my name has been pronounced is probably the only thing that surpasses the number of nationalities people have assumed I represent. Let’s get that one out of the way now. I am American. If people ask me where I’m from, I say Los Angeles. When they ask where my parents are from I say Los Angeles. I think the most recent immigrant in my family was my great-great grandmother who emigrated from Germany.

The most tenacious people usually change tactics after I tell them my parents are from Los Angeles. Then they switch to “where does Shellynne come from?” I tell them it’s made up. Sometimes I share the story of how I’m named after my father’s friend and her parents made…

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Music Monday: “Take My Bones Away” by Baroness


Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared.

Song: “Take My Bones Away”
Artist: Baroness
Album: Yellow & Green (2012)

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REBLOG: Wanderlust

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Musings of a med student

This is one of the first poems I had written in school over six years ago. It is not as refined as I would’ve liked, but it holds a dear place in my heart – for two reasons. One, because it was when I wrote this that I fell in love with writing and poetry. And two, because the dream of travelling the world is one that is burnt beneath my eyelids. Every time I close them I picture myself in a new destination and it gives me immense joy. I hope that someday I have the time (and money) to actually travel far and wide. Until then, the dream will stay alive! I wanted to share this with my fellow bloggers, hope you enjoy it!

 We shall race across the field, bare legged, We shall amble through quiet lanes in old towns We shall traverse towering mountains and lakes…

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REBLOG: How Can I Support Those with Mental Health Struggles?

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Sorrow Today, Strength Tomorrow

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Thank you so much for the topic suggestion, Miss Emma ❤

Like always, this topic is going to cover mental health, and mental health support.

“How can I support my friend that struggles with X?” Great question! Let me see if I can offer some help. It can be hard and confusing sometimes to know how to offer support to others in the way that they need. Often times I think we may reply with more simplistic terms or phrases in order to distract from getting to know our, or someone else’s deeper emotional needs.

The key to supporting others, especially when it comes to mental health, is simply by asking how you can be supportive to them. Some people may not know what they need, some people may have a list, some people may just want a hug. Asking how to be…

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REBLOG: Fantasy Escapism

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Roll for Depression

The arduous journey, the brave quest, the never-ending battle between the forces of good and evil, the “chosen hero” who against all odds rises above mediocraty and poverty to a place of acclaim and heroism – these are some of the most common clichés in fantasy, and I will not even try to say they are anything but clichés. However they also explore fantasy’s greatest contribution.

They explore the theme of escapism….

Fantasy, in its most basic definition is a genre of fiction set in a speculative fictional universe that differs from reality. Often these are based upon true world myth, religion and folklore. The various mediums range from film, novels, television, art, music, games and more and all provide the consumer with something different to their everyday reality.

Today we are able to enjoy the such a plethora of fantasy mediums that we are honestly spoilt for choice. From…

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REBLOG: 10 Questions: How To Know If You’re Over-thinking

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The RD Journal

Overthinking has been a part of my life for a long time now, but some days it’s just plain exhausting to be so unsure about stuff, about life. The constant buzz around the sides of my brain get on my nerves at times and it makes me wish there was an off button; whereas on other instances I’ve found me trying to convince myself that this is not such a lost cause, right? But the more I think, the more peace I lose. And maybe, you do too.

If you are personally going through something like this, I suggest with all my heart that you accept the help that’s available to you – friends, family, therapy and all the other resources you need to get over this.

While problem-solving and self-evaluation are productive, over-thinking is not – it becomes really important to differentiate.

So, I’m going to take you through

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REBLOG: A Sense of Belonging

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adult baby celebration child Photo by Brett Sayles on

When we don’t feel a sense of belonging we become empty, morass and despondent. Everybody wants to have a place to belong to, a family to belong to, and a sense of appreciation from their peers. Not knowing your identity and the origin of your ancestors is like falling from space without a parachute. Whichever way you fall you would implode. Before we judge someone we should immerse ourselves into their generational past,and after doing so ask of ourselves whether our misconceptions are still the same.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

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