On the Subject of Literary Elitism

Picture, if you will, an English major or a literary critic. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Hipster Barista.jpg
For the record, I’m not okay with how much I look like this guy.

I’m sure there is some difference between what you and I saw, but for the sake of my argument let’s say we both imagined a person who reads the “classics” and looks down on the smut and “lesser forms” of “written art” that are “prevalent” in today’s “society.” Someone who also uses “big words” and apparently doesn’t know how to “use” quotation “marks” correctly.

Is that what you pictured? Not that last part about quotation marks? Fair enough. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype of snobbish behavior attributed to those who study or critique literature. While this stereotype may be well deserved for some, I believe there are some exceptions out there like myself. Brace yourselves; here come the big paragraphs of my opinions. Continue reading “On the Subject of Literary Elitism”