A Reflection

I repeat the words through habit like
a childhood prayer that no longer holds meaning;
words spoken for the simple
feel between lips; indoctrinated
into the idea of partnership.

I am lacking;
I must couple.
But what if I am unable to adapt and
it hurts not only me, but her most of all?
But for all my appearance of empathy,
it’s really a reflection of me.

by Erik Shinker


Cerulean eyes glare with
passion. Bleached threads
dangle from a
sun-kissed scalp.

Intensity holds a
stare atop a soft smile
which hides a full, toothy
laugh inside
for fear of
becoming vulnerable.

Could I ever
satisfy? Could I conjure
that smile?
Have I merely formed
my own idea of
who and what
she is?
I make assumptions of what
she wants, how
she sees the world, what
makes her truly

by Erik Shinker


Static sound destroying the
dropping of eaves.
A tone, still heard,
welcoming and warm;
wishing my name to be spoken
through those lips, to be conjured
with the thoughts of love.

How can we meet in the
“real world” when I am so
filled with apprehension?
Speaking would be
such an easy thing, but
I tense at the thought.

Her smile, professional.
Her wish of a good day disingenuous
as I am just
another face passing through;
soon to be forgotten by
work more pressing.

The bell above the door rings
to signal my exit; an escape to
wait another moon’s passing
for these fanciful thoughts.
Awaiting the day either
I work up the courage, or
she is no longer there.

by Erik Shinker