On Blogging

I have been thinking about creating a post with some tips and tricks for blogging for some time now; though I already made a post regarding the unforeseen consequences of blogging, I wanted to give some advice and examples that have helped me gain the dedicated following I have. When I created my blog 3 years ago, WordPress provided a free e-book that gives tips for starting a blog and gaining traction. I will preface my advice by saying I followed a lot of what the e-book said, especially regarding tags and using SEO to get views and draw an audience to my site. What follows is advice I wish had been shared with me when I was first starting out.

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On Writing – Review

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

Published in 2000

Pages: 291

Genre: Nonfiction, memoir

“I was stunned by Mary Karr’s memoir, The Liar’s Club.”

It is difficult to find a more well-known contemporary writer than Stephen King; often seen as either the king of horror (pun slightly intended) or the harbinger of the demise of “true literature” (whatever that is), King can be polarizing, but it is difficult to argue he doesn’t know his stuff. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is his attempt to put to paper what he knows about the craft, what formed him as a writer, and other advice to aspiring authors in one volume that is as illuminating in its content as it is refreshing in its execution. Continue reading “On Writing – Review”