A Time to Kill – Review

A Time to Kill by John Grisham

Published in 1989

Pages: 655

Genre: Legal, suspense, thriller

“Billy Ray Cobb was the younger and smaller of the two rednecks.”

The introduction of these two rednecks leads into a gruesome description of the heinous acts they perpetrate on ten-year-old Tonya Hailey. This sets the tone for John Grisham’s 1989 crime novel, A Time to Kill. The novel brings into question vigilante justice, the lack of trust in America’s judicial system, personal ethics, and digs deep into the psyche of humans and the lengths they are willing to go to in order to right a terrible wrong. Continue reading “A Time to Kill – Review”

Misery – Review

Misery by Stephen King

Published in 1987

Pages: 338

Genre: Psychological horror, thriller

umber whunnnn

yerrrnnn umber whunnnn


These sounds: even in the haze.”

In the wake of finishing the manuscript to his latest novel and celebrating the killing off of one of the characters that he hated the most, author Paul Sheldon decides to drive to the West coast from his hotel in Colorado after drinking a bottle of champagne (as one does). Adding to his precariously blurred situation, a snowstorm blows in and causes him to wreck his car. Legs shattered to pieces, Paul wakes in a groggy stupor to find himself in the care of Annie Wilkes; his umber whunnn fayunnnn…erm, his number one fan. Such a savior would be welcome if she weren’t a psychotic ex-nurse whose favorite character he had just killed off in his final book of the Misery series. Taking place in the confines of Annie’s isolated homestead, Misery follows Paul’s suffering and torture at the hands of his number one fan as he fights to placate her in order to make it out of the cabin alive. Continue reading “Misery – Review”