Music Monday: Radical Face – The Family Tree: The Leaves

Album: The Family Tree: The Leaves by Radical Face

Album Cover
The Family Tree: The Leaves

Released: March 25th, 2016

Band Info:

Radical Face is the stage name of musician Ben Cooper who released his first official studio album in 2007. His music is noted for the use of acoustic guitar, soft and layered vocals, and storytelling within the lyrics. He has released four studio albums, all of which carry concepts within their songs and the last three are part of a single story called The Family Tree. An independent artist, Radical Face primarily tours outside of the United States due to the popularity of his music in the rest of the world; however, he does play some isolated shows and went on a more extensive North American tour in 2013. His most recent work has been on a film score, another full-length record, and a series of EPs.

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