REBLOG: I Won’t Fight Over A Hashtag…

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An Inviting Piece of the Pie

“You can scream all you want, butyoumusthold my hand.”

Ilooked attentively at my daughter in the hopes my words meant something?My two-year-old stared straight through my eyes into the window of my frustrated soul and proceeded to let out a primal scream,the intensityof which,I wasn’t quite prepared for.

Y’see, I didn’t want my daughter to put herself in any adverse danger, so followed my paternal instincts, in an attempt to offer some form of protection to my darling, adrenaline fuelled, toddler. As my attempt at verbal communication had no relevance, I leaned into silence and let my tenderly firm grip of her hand reinforce my position.

Weeventuallymade ithomeandas Iopened the door,Iwas greeted bythe brokentone of my wifewho said“Haveyou watched the video of George Floyd?”Afteronly a few secondsofviewingthe footage, I instinctively recoiled andsaid“I don’t need to see anymore” and I still can’t bring myself to watchtheentirety ofthevideo…

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